Discovering Turkey and Istanbul

The Bosporus Strait is a magical place since it is the place that separates Europe and Asia while connecting the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. Right here is a beautiful city full of charm and culture, straddling both continents. This city is Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, an ancient city often compared to Rome. Istanbul is also known by the different names it used to have: Byzantium or Constantinople. It is a city full of history because it has lived in a certain instability for years and years. Indeed, it first belonged to Ancient Greece, then to the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire before finally belonging to the Republic of Turkey. It is a city very rich in terms of culture so much so that it was named Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010. The architecture of its buildings and monuments is sensational and the atmosphere is very pleasant. Istanbul has always been a place where the Christian and Muslim religions play an important role and many monuments are dedicated to it. The historical heritage is breathtaking, the climate is pleasant, and the inhabitants are very welcoming. It is a city in which there is a surprising mix of the magic of a historical past and a grandiose modern adaptation. Taking a trip to this capital with its European facets is always a change of scenery. The activities to be carried out are original, such as a small cruise on the Bosporus for example. The city is surrounded by very typical small villages that you should not miss to visit. Many amazing museums are to be visited, many markets and zouks with Turkish and Egyptian colours take place in the heart of the city, the Mosque of Rustem Pasha and the various palaces are sensational.
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