Eating Asian food in Berlin: the best restaurants

Berlin is the capital of everything for everyone, absolutely! Whether you're looking for the cheapest and most nutritious meal (see Neukölln), or a meal with nerds, with your friends in Rayban (see Mitte), or a fine meal alone or with your little finger up (see Charlottenburg), you'll find what you're looking for. Eating in Berlin has a vast international flavour (with lots and lots of fusion), in cafés, pubs and restaurants that compete with each other in terms of décor and atmosphere, Berlin is as cosmopolitan as it is delicious. As for me, little chameleon that I am, I deliver as always an eclectic selection. Even if I'm good, I must admit I've been hanging around a bit too much with hipsters... Next time, I'll go to the artists, I promise! So follow me to the best restaurants in Berlin... And come back regularly, because this list will be updated with my new finds soon.

Asian restaurants in Berlin

Lon-Men's Noodle House (Taiwanese cuisine)

To rediscover the flavours of Taiwan in Berlin! This shop, which will remind you in every respect of one of the country's small breakfast restaurants, serves a large number of authentic dishes (including, of course, ravioli).

Wok Show (jiaozi, Chinese cuisine)

If like me, you are afraid of Chinese restaurant signs for obvious reasons, don't be afraid anymore! The shovelful of 20 or 40 (your choice) jiaozi that you will be served here will not tire you for a second. Exquisite, curious and tasty delights await you here... And you would expect nothing less from an authentic Chinese restaurant!

MenMen (ramen, Japanese cuisine)

I used to stand in line at Cocolo's (see below) for my ramen, until I discovered this little self-service ramen probably furnished at Ikea. I certainly don't sell you the dream for decoration, but so far, it's the best ramen I've found in Berlin.

Ms. Ngo (pho, Vietnamese cuisine)

Vietnamese food aficionados have probably suffered enough from this syndrome in Berlin: there are Vietnamese restaurants everywhere, it's great! It's a big disappointment when you realise that only a mere 3% of these establishments will satisfy our fussy taste buds. But this is the case with Mrs Ngo's pho, drinking to the last drop. If like me, you don't count, treat yourself to the fillet of beef and dumplings.

Yumcha Heroes (dim sum, Cantonese cuisine)

Dim sum fans don't look any further: this trendy restaurant offers a nice selection of dishes with precise and refined tastes (which you will gladly come back for), such as beef dumplings that have nothing to envy to those found in Taiwan. Yummy!

Cocolo Ramen X-Berg (ramen, Japanese cuisine)

For your ramen fix, get ready to (seriously) get in line! Cocolo Ramen is probably the most popular Japanese restaurant in town and rightly so: its soup is worth the detour. In addition to the ramen, the restaurant offers a small selection of appetizers and nice desserts, as well as matching drinks.

Arirang (barbecue, Korean cuisine)

The impression of arriving in a huge gym hall where tables a little shaky have been installed for lack of better, the smell that reminds us of a pot of guts... Enjoy the brutality of everything around us, from the ostentatious size of the dishes to the sound of the place. You can enjoy here a perfect Korean barbecue!
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