Ecuador, at the heart of nature

South America is exotic and wild, warm and intriguing and has many countries that are similar but still very different from each other. In this region of the world, as in all of them, there are countries smaller than others and in South America, there are four. Among these four is the Republic of Ecuador. A country that we hear too little about but in which travelling is one cannot be more rewarding as its diversity is so impressive. Nature plays a very important role here, as the natural landscapes are dominant. Indeed, Ecuador offers a different magical spectacle every day thanks to the treasures that compose it: fine Pacific sandy beaches, tropical Amazonian forests, snow-covered volcanoes, high mountains, endless greenery, mirror lakes, and various parks. The fauna and flora present in Ecuador are unique and thus arouses the curiosity of many visitors. Ecuador is surrounded by Peru and Colombia and as its name suggests, it is located on the edge of the equator. It owns the Galapagos archipelago, which consists of thirteen islands and seventeen islets located thousands of kilometres off the coast of South America. The official language is Spanish, although many local languages are spoken there, such as Kichwa and Shuar.  Ecuador's population is diverse and so is its geography. The country is inhabited by many Mestizos, Europeans of mixed race descent from African slaves. There are also many Indian communities that live wildly in the Amazon basin. Ecuadorian culture is very Catholic, very religious and very traditional. The Inca heritage is felt, the magnificent melodies on the guitar can be heard in the typical streets and the relaxed lifestyle of the inhabitants gives an aspect of serenity to this country that is full of surprises and breathtaking. The capital Quito is made up of many grandiose and typical monuments such as churches, basilicas, palaces and squares, each one as majestic as the next.  The city is located near the Pichincha volcano. The latter does not represent the largest city in the country since it is Guayaquil that does so. It is also one of the most important ports on the continent. If you are travelling through South America and have the opportunity, take a trip to Ecuador. This country is growing because when you go there you realize the importance of ecology and the environment. We realize the importance of human contact and sympathy. We simply open to the world.
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