An excursion is the activity of visiting an environment other than our own. The main goals of this activity are the discovery and learning of unknown terrain. The excursion is generally made in natural environments and lasts several hours but is usually of short duration. Indeed, an excursion does not include an overnight stay. They are often organized for more or less high groups of people and can be led by instructors or guides. Of course, it is possible and quite common to go alone or with only a few people in order to make the excursion more adventurous. There are different types of excursions: sea excursions to discover paradisiacal places around the water, road excursions requiring the use of roadways to visit distant places, or walking excursions, which are still the most popular and allow you to get closer to the elements visited. The excursion is very strongly linked to travel, and more precisely to tourism since it is about visiting something unknown. Thus, most major hotels, and more precisely hotel clubs, offer different excursions to their customers. Indeed, shuttles of all kinds are often made available in order to give travellers the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes surrounding the hotel as much as possible. An excursion allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of a foreign country, to discover its hidden aspects, to obtain a new image.

Unusual trip

Travelling is enriching, it is fulfilling and when you travel you feel free. But some people don't just stay for a few days. No, some adventurous people embark on much more advanced discoveries and travel to discover different cultures, to live in countries as if they were really part of them.

Where to go on a trip?

Where to find sunshine? Where to go hiking? Where to go with a modest budget? All these questions are overwhelming when it comes to vacation time. Fortunately, there are a thousand and one ways to find a pleasant place to spend memorable moments with our loved ones.
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