Humanitarian travel

France is a developed country and it is good to realize how lucky we are to have water coming out of the tap, to have a full refrigerator, and to live daily in such a pleasant comfort that it is difficult to do without it. While we often consider our way of life as banal and complain regularly when a small obstacle hinders our "happiness", other populations rejoice for little. The world in which we live has many poor countries, even countries that have nothing but whose inhabitants are happy in their own way. It is then possible to do a lot by giving them donations to help them survive. There are various ways to do this, the most common being to make financial or material donations to associations that distribute them or to go to one of these developing countries and get in touch with the people you decide to help, create a relationship with them and observe the conditions in which they live. Humanitarian trips can be individual or organized by specialized agencies that then offer grouped trips. But it is increasingly common to leave on your own initiative in a poor country to provide any kind of assistance.  Thus many couples, or groups of friends, bring what they can to the people of some poor countries and show them above all that they are not alone. We are thinking mainly of African countries such as Tanzania, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa, some Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand or South American countries such as Peru, Mexico or Bolivia. Bringing good to a poor country makes it possible to realize how lucky we are, to open our eyes to the luxury in which we are lucky enough to live even if everything does not go as we would like. Moreover, doing humanitarian action is something magical because it means sharing precious moments with sincere people, it means sharing a useful generosity and it means opening to simplicity. Just seeing the faces of the people you come to help light up with happiness when you bring them anything, food or a simple smile, makes them happy.
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