Sleep in Bangkok: Beautiful hotels and guesthouses

I went to test for you, incognito, a varied selection of homes for all tastes and all budgets, which are a credit to their neighborhood! Discover my favorite hotels and guesthouses in Bangkok. Ahh... The effervescent Bangkok: I stopped there more than once! And even though I already have my favorite accommodations there, I like to discover something new every time I visit.

Hotels and guesthouses in Chinatown

Chinatown is a district of Bangkok that I like very much because it takes us elsewhere: a journey within the journey, so to speak. The Thai-Chinese, as they like to call themselves, have brought a huge amount of culture and beauty to the country. Colourful temples, red lanterns, refined architecture and, of course, hundreds of flavours, to name only the basics.

Shanghai Mansion

What a pleasure to discover such a well-kept establishment in the heart of Chinatown. The Shanghai Mansion Hotel recreates the atmosphere of a sumptuous Shanghai of the 1930s. In the rooms, you feel like an actor in a Wong Kar Wai movie. Outside the rooms, you will be seduced by the sweet smell of lemongrass and ginger, by the unusual décor and by the care of the staff. In Bangkok, a luxury hotel is much more affordable than in most European countries. As a design lover, I did not hesitate to offer myself a night in this small palace: it's without any regrets!

Bed and Brews

The love of detail and sobriety has been perfectly combined in this sublime building with its breathing ceilings. If my journey were not to continue, I would have gladly moved into this mezzanine room at 103 Bed and Brews: airy, spacious and tastefully decorated. Located as close as possible to Chinatown's newest street in, Soi Nana (breweries and craft beers), this accommodation has its own charming little bar, with some interesting beers to try.

Our Secret Base

I needed a backup solution between a transfer from the other end of Thailand and Bangkok Central Station (Hua Lampong) in Chinatown (less than ten minutes’ walk from this hostel). The name Our Secret Base appealed to me, and the price was very small! I exchanged a few words with the very friendly owner who just opened. He has transformed an obsolete building into a little miracle of cool, with signage that will make you smile all over the hostel. My double room may be tiny and windowless, but it's a good fit: it's a cozy little nest, perfect for a good night's rest. There's a small, rather romantic terrace on the roof! Attention: shared bathroom (but very clean).

Sleeping at Yan Nawa

Bangkok can be somewhat intense. The Yan Nawa district is therefore ideal to disconnect the batteries, put the noise and the constant flow of people on hold. Apart from the Wat Pariwat (a temple dedicated to David Beckham, yes!) you won't find many attractions, except the Thai way of life. Ah, is this exactly what you were looking for?

Fahsai Antique Homestay

Those who wish to stay in a quiet place (and are not afraid to be a little out of the way) will appreciate the setting of Fahsai Antique Homestay, a guesthouse run by the very kind Nitaya. It is a small bubble of nature in the heart of Bangkok. Located on the edge of a small canal, a short distance from the Chao Phraya River, it is hidden in the Yan Nawa district. In the early morning, you will be awakened by the smell of the healthy and delicious Thai cuisine of Nitaya. Come out of your teak house with your nose up, enjoy a traditional breakfast with the other guests, then taste the coffee that his family grows in the south, roasted minute, on the spot. You will also have the opportunity to taste the special coffee flower tea and their exquisite honey. Later, Nitaya's husband will certainly open the doors of their house: a century-old jewel that has belonged to three generations and that he decided, out of love for antiques, to transform into a small museum. Although the Yan Nawa district is a little far from the centre and the main attractions of Bangkok, it is quite possible to get there by public transport or better, as most locals do, with the Uber or Grab applications. It's well worth the trip!  
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