The island caressed by the wind: a journey to Fuerteventura

A trip to Fuerteventura: it is the most beautiful jewel of the Canary Islands! Discover the island through a week-long driving itinerary with stories, anecdotes and good addresses. Fuerteventura... isn't that a name that calls for adventure? It would rather refer to the strong wind, which is undoubtedly the totem of the island. Translated from Spanish, it could describe a strong chance, a powerful hazard or a great bliss. This island is a bit of everything to me.

Tetir and the Temejereque Mountain: nestled in the heart of the island.

Welcome to the Canary Islands! The immediate pleasure of the singing sounds of the Spanish language, the pleasant warmth and the good mood that the sun usually gives us are already caressing us in the bridge that connects our flying machine to the dry (but floating) land. It's 20°C, which is correct for a February 7th, or at least when we arrive from Switzerland. We immediately put on our T-shirts, and then we cover ourselves, uncover ourselves, cover ourselves. The rhetoric of the wind will soon overcome our indecision. Having wandered several times to other islands of the archipelago (Tenerife and Gran Canaria), I know that a car won't be a luxury. Alessandro, my companion, is always a little bit reluctant to drive, but me it's even worse: I don't have a driving licence (and yet I like to drive). But like the wind (always at my side), I convince him quite easily. As the island is not a giant (1'660km2) we chose a base in the heart of the territory, from which to radiate. We will melt like two drops of water in the 797 inhabitants of the village of Tetir. Its name reminds me of pre-history, maybe because it sounds a bit like Tethys, the ocean that used to nibble on Pangea, but probably also because of the wild relief (only a few dinosaurs are missing). In short, Tetir is made up of small houses scattered between hills and terraces, the Juan Rodríguez square, the old church of Santo Domingo and the Temejereque Mountain (511m) which plays its shadow over all of this. Apart from its pleasant location (in the most perfect calm of the countryside), Tetir is fifteen minutes by car from Puerto del Rosario, the capital of Fuerteventura: convenient for shopping, as we will cook every night, taking care to add a lot of Canarian love and ingredients to our meals. As soon as we arrive in Tetir, Alessandro sees the mountain of Temejereque and announces "we are going to climb up there". It's a short walk, with a rather steep but overall easy part and above all, the 360° perspective is worth it. At the base of the mountain, we discover a curious animal cemetery. The place is dotted with shiny bones in perfect condition.
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