Trip to Malaysia: what to do and what to see?

A trip to Malaysia is close to the fantasies of travellers. You will be able to discover dream beaches, explore the jungle, all in a paradisiacal setting by a humid and constant heat. Along the roads, oil palm trees alternate with rubber plantations. But Malaysia is also about extraordinary skyscrapers... If you look at a map of Malaysia you will see that this country includes a vast territory: the peninsula but also islands with the Borneo part of Malaysia. For their trip to Malaysia, the majority of travellers are content to explore the peninsula and its islands. But if you have time, drive to Sarawak and Sabah, north of Borneo, to discover an exceptional fauna, the famous longhouses of the Iban, Mount Kinabalu which is the emblematic site of Sabah. The trip to Malaysia will allow you to discover a country with many facets. Most of its cities were built in the middle of a vast tropical forest. Kuala Lumpur, its capital with its immense buildings, quickly gave way to an extraordinary and seductive jungle. The place is ideal for all trekking enthusiasts. The capital's famous Petronas Tower offers a superb spectacle in the evening and is one of the highest towers in the world. Stroll through Chinatown's neighbourhood with its many traditional shops. A tour of the Great Mosque and the Sultan-Abdoussamad Palace is a must. Kuala Lumpur is a city not to be missed and must be seen. The country's temples and mosques bear witness to Muslim and Buddhist coexistence. A trip to Malaysia will allow you to discover dream beaches, the culture of Malaysia which is a mixture of Malay, Indian and Chinese culture. Malaysia is a country that has no lack of interest, a lush nature, magnificent temples... Discover Cameron Highlands, a mountainous region with splendid landscapes. Visit the famous tea plantations. As for cultural tourism lovers, they will be seduced by the Batu caves which shelter Hindu sanctuaries. Nearby, Taman Negara National Park is also worth a visit. This jungle contains caves, waterfalls and many kinds of flowers. Discover the Borneo part of Malaysia, the jungle of Sarawak which is very impressive with its multiple species of trees and birds, to discover on foot or by canoe.
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